Monday, October 31, 2011

Funky And Haunted

In a couple more years I'm going to have run out of Halloween themed funk records, why did they never release the soundtrack to Bride Of Blackenstein? I would have been good to 2014.

Whodini - The Haunted House Of Rock
Whodini - The Haunted House Of Rock (vocoder version)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Master Funk

Master Funk Records was an '80s UK dance label founded by electro producer Tony Williams (not to be confused with the American jazz drummer who worked with Miles Davis). This 12" was one of the label's later releases from 1984. Both sides are great, I might actually prefer the B-side which sounds starts off sounding like a Sade instrumental until the deep bass line comes in. For more on Tony Williams check out this interview by Greg Wilson on the excellent Electro Funk Roots website.

Scratch - Keep On Searching For Love
Scratch - Eastern Lady

Monday, October 24, 2011


Here is a surprisingly good track from Bobby Orlando that came out on Prelude Records in 1983. It is a good version of that italo sound that he had for a couple of years before going full on HiNRG. Bobby O has an interesting story and I think we have covered him here a couple of times before. Basically, he was an ultra religious homophobe and in the mid to late 80's, he made the gayest music ever and it was pretty-much only listened to by gay men.

One -Two-Three - Runaway

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nokia 5230 Blog is Now Closed I have moved to Nokia Innovation

Nokia 5230 Blog is now officially closed and i will be writing from now on at Nokia Innovation.Nokia Innovation is a team based blog focusing only on the latest and greatest Nokia News and is "Your Portal to Anything Nokia".

Started over an year ago Nokia 5230 Blog has come a long way and Nokia Innovation is the next step.If you like my work here then just head over to Nokia Innovation to read s60v5,Nokia 5230 news and more.I wish all my readers to come to Nokia Innovation and lets make this transisiton a sucess.

Foursquare releases a full featured QT app for Symbian

Foursquare has just released a new QT based app for Symbian which is a major upgrade over previous version.The app looks like its the N9 version ported to Symbian nevertheless its fast,its full featured.

                                                         image coutsey @nkumar_
The new features include Photo uploads, notifications,comments,listing venues and more and is pretty fast.Head over to Nokia Store and download the app just remember to download the QT version or download from the link below.
For more pics go here or here

Facial Lite now available on Nokia Store

Free version doesn't have widget, full messages, "more" button, photo upload, checkin, like comment, delete post/comment, add to calendar or rsvp to event.

So it's a stripped version of Facial but basic functionality is there.Facial Facebook  client for Symbian had been recently updated to version 4.0 and now the developer has released a free version with most of the features.

The features supported are

  • Ultra smooth scrolling
  • Feed, Friends, Photos, Pages, Events, Groups, Notifications 
  • Post, Comment, Like 
  • Facebook Messages (read)
  • Search 
  • Auto refresh 
  • Swipe gestures 
  • Black and White theme
The features missing from paid version are
"Free version doesn't have widget, full messages, "more" button, photo upload, checkin, like comment, delete post/comment, add to calendar or rsvp to event.
So it's a stripped version of Facial but basic functionality is there."


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Soundtracker Radio 1.7 released

Soundtracker is a Social Radio app which gives you access to Over 10 million songs on demand and best of all free.

The changes include

  • Symbian Anna text player bug 
  • Symbian Belle performance
  • Hide password on setting page
  • Scrolling bug for my stations and nearby list
  • Improved performance of my stations and nearby list
  • Friends' Stations page improvement
  • Fixed bug of first item selection by editing my stations list
  • Optimized size for album images for my stations and nearby list
  • Email feedback with more info about the device
  • MP3 player bug
For Download and more info go to Soundtracker's Beta Labs page.

Facebook Touch Site Redesigned for Symbian

Facebook Touch( is the mobile version optimised for touch screen devices and it has got a pretty good face lift echoing the new changes for the desktop site.

 The main feature you will notice is a new menu in the top left corner giving easy acess to new feed,messages,pages,groups and more.

The notifications panel also got a facelift now looking like one from an iPhone app.Also the news feed also has been improved like in desktop site showing recent stories you like rather than just showing recent news which was populated by game spams(friends triumphs playing Farmville and the like).
 Also The status update has been changed adding Facebook's new feature allowing you to select who reads your updates.Though the update button required a refresh sometimes.

Overall the new touch site can compete with any Facebook app for Symbian and yes there are missing features like video upload and checkins.But for an average user Facebook has took the right path and will accelerate its path to global dominance.(Hope Google's listening).

via[the independent Symbain blog]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Foliant eBook Reader

While its unlikely that Amazon will release Kindle app for Symbian there a couple of good ebook readers combined with services like ManyBooks and Project Gutenberg can fill the gap.Foliant is one such eBook reader and a promising with nice set of features and good interface.

 The features include
  • format support EPUB, FB2 and TXT
  • complete library, grupirovka by author, genre and other parameters
  • search and download books from the Internet
  • trained support True Type fonts
  • turn on the display 90, 180, 270 degrees, support for the accelerometer
  • opportunity to comment on and rate books
  • Work with ZIP archives like folders, support for GZip archives
  • built-in English-Russian dictionary with the touch of a translation
  • user-friendly menu with support kinetic scrolling
  • support for the main character WIN-1251, ISO-8859-5, UTF-8, KOI8R, DOS
  • three modes of paging of the book: Kinetic scrolling, page-flipping stroke, page-flipping in the zones
  • hyphenation (supports English and Russian hyphenation rules)
  • detailed set of formatting text
  • support profile settings
  • backlight control (only Nokia and SE)
  • Russian, Ukrainian and English localization
Download the app from Official Site[Russian]

Socially 3.07 released

The all in one social app for Symbian has been updated to version 3.06 mainly bringing bug fixes.

The changes include
fixes bugs related to Facebook crash for some users & Twitter trends

download the latest version by going to on your phone.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Day Theme by TheShadow

Here is another cool Halloween theme complete with custom icons,cool wallpaper boasting 1000 icons for 3rd party apps.

  • Full Svg theme with light weight icons
  • 1000+ icons added
  • Toolbar icons, signal indicators skinned

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Halloween Theme by Iree7

Enjoy this Halloween season with this cool new theme by Iree7 complete with cool wallpaper,custom icons.

Download the theme from here

fMobi 2.0.1 released

fMobi facebook client has been updated to version 2.0.1 and now is available on Nokia store.

The changes include
"This version fixes problems with closing application and it still stays in memory. Menu screen status update is also updated. One language added and some minor tweaking in some languages."

Friday, October 14, 2011

imo IM client updated with Support for group messaging and more

imo is a new instant messaging app for Symbian has been updated to version 1.05 bringing group messaging ,bug fixes and more.The Skype support and now group messaging will provide stiff competition to other messaging apps.

The changes are

  • Group messaging 
  • searchable chat history
  • ui improvements
  • couple of bug fixes

Imsy updated with Anna like icons,UI improvements and more

Imsy the messenger app from the creators of Socially app has been updated to version.93 with new features and more.

The new features include

  • Set own profile photo and see profile photos of friends
  • Ability to turn off auto-suggestion of images when you type a message
  • Ability to change registration name
  • New Nokia Surround style icon (special thanks to @logonaniket for designing the logo)
  • UI Improvements, especially on S60 v3 phones
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gravity 2.0 preview now available

Gravity the undisputed king of Twitter client for Symbian released first preview of version 2.0 bringing some big changes. Major changes include full featured support for Facebook,support for preview of multiple images.

The new features include

  • Facebook support is now full featured
  • multiple image previews in Twitter
  • improvements to Foursquare support
  • performance improvements and more
Note that it is a preview release and unexpected bugs can occur.Download the latest version from here


C6 firmware V41 leak hints new firmware update for all s60v5 devices

Symbian Latino reports that they have access to updated C6 firmware version 41.2.10 and hints that a new firmware update will be available for all s60v5 devices.

The major feature we know as of now is the updated browser which looks just like the Symbian Belle one.The changes we know of are

  • Update to the native browser to version 7.3.131 with bottom navigation bar
  • Improvements and correction of the bug of "camera in use" when you delete a photo
  • Improvements in the stability of the device
  • Improvements in WiFi

These changes are based on the unreleased version of C6 firmware which is expected to be available in few weeks and they have even made it available for download for C6 users.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ovi Suite 3.2 beta released renamed to Nokia suite and much more

As part of the removing Ovi brand after Store the next stop is Ovi Suite now called Nokia Suite.The update not only brings a name change but also change to ui and new features.

The changes include

  • Nokia Ovi Suite is now called Nokia Suite
  • The application has a refreshed look and feel
  • The new Support view offers info and help with using Nokia Suite and your phone
  • The Support view helps make sure you have enough free space on your phone
  • The improved sync log shows you what has changed during syncing
  • Software updates for your phone software and phone applications run now more reliably
  • You might also notice, that Nokia Suite doesn't anymore run MPlatform.exe process - we've removed that from our architecture. You'll MPlatform.exe still running, if you have Nokia Ovi Player installed into same PC
  • Of course, new Nokia Suite 3.2 contains lots more new stuff, huge amount of different errors have been corrected and also many crash issues have been resolved
Download it from Nokia Beta Labs Page and don't forget to give feedback here,the best feedback will be given prizes by Nokia so be sure to report any bugs.

Horus RSS Reader for s60v5 now available on Nokia Store

Horus is a RSS reader for Symbian with great UI and makes reading RSS feeds on your mobile fun.A beta had been released earlier and now it is available for download on Nokia Store.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Dubstep Nokia's Official Ringtone for next 100 million devices

Any one who has or had a Nokia will never forget the trademark Nokia Ringtone.Nokia had announced an extensive competition  to find its Successor.

The winner is called Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition and will be preinstalled on Over 100 million phones shipping next year.The competition attracted 1.4 million visitors,entries form 70 countries.

Read more about it and runner ups over at Nokia Brand Book and see the full list of entries at Audiodraft page

via[thenextweb,nokia conversations,nokia brand book]

Facial 4.0 released

Facial is a light weight Facebook client for Symbian smartphones and has reached version 4 with new features ui changes and more.

Here are the changes

  •         Homescreen Widget(not for Nokia 5230)

                       Content: Profile pic OR shared pic, timestamp, sender name, post
                       Auto & manual scroll
                       Notification, message & feed counters
                      Timestamp when feed was refreshed
                      Refresh now button

  • Full Facebook Messages (reply/delete/manage via Mobile Facebook site)
  • Feed browser (scroll through full home feed posts)
  • Like/unlike comments
  • Delete own posts and any posts in my wall (ONLY if they are done with Facial)
  • Delete own comments and any comments in my wall
  • Auto poll does full home refresh always
  • New option to stop auto refreshing at certain time of the day (default 23:00)
  • Clicking any of the main tab's "topic" refreshes it
  • "Back" animates different to direction
  • Events view changed to show ALL events ever been invited to
  • Visual improvements
  • Progress bar for loading photos
  • Network connection handling improved

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Symbian Anna v7 beta custom firmware available for Nokia 5230

Symbian Anna v7 custom firmware has been released last week and was made available to Nokia 5800,5530 and X6.The Nokia 5230 version was pushed back due to some problems and a new beta version of the firmware has been released.

The new features include

  • Cores Based on the new Nokia N97 for better management of the RAM(Different for 5230 version)
  • Processor speed increased to 536 Mhz
  • New web browser with improved interface v7.3.1.25
  • Emoticons support for messages and symbols
  • Horizontal menu in full screen with the bar down
  • Language English and Spanish Latino
  • Fixed keyboard in portrait mode to make typing easier
  • Ovi Maps 6.3 built-Final (Exclusive Version)
  • Pure optimized Nokia Sources
  • Integrated the new store NOKIA STORE 1.16
  • New default theme courtesy of Anna Symbian @ aj23thememaster
  • Improved Sidebar much smaller improvement in all space applications
  • Full QWERTY keyboard, Symbian Anna
  • New image on and off
  • Unlock Unlock tap that increases memory performance and battery
  • Behavior rescheduled lights
  • Firmware thorough cleaning to get more free space.
The beta version can be downloaded from Symbian Latino  and here is the tutorial,please remebr to install phoenix,JAF and also follow video carefully.

NOTE:Use custom firmwares at your own risk,it can essentially void your warranty and even brick your phone

Albite Reader 2.2 released

Albite Reader is one of the best eBook readers available for Symbian and has been updated to version 2.2.

The changes are

  • Support for native Java fonts
  • Bookmarking / looking up text is far easier now by using a context menu
  • Added two more font sizes to the HD version
  • Files/folders are now listed alphabetically, not randomly
Download the app from here 

Download Orginal Nokia N9/Symbian Belle ringtones

Nokia had refreshed its iconic ringtone for Nokia N9,Symbian Belle and new S40 devices and it has now made it available for download at Nokia BrandBook.

Read more and download the ringtones over at Nokia BrandBook.Don't forget to tell what you feel about the new tunes.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

fMobi 2.0 released with improved UI,new languages and more

fMobi called one of the best Facebook client for Symbian has been updated version 2.0 bringing a whole lot of changes including over 50 updates to interface,new languages,features and bug fixes.

The changes are
  • More than 25 new languages.
  • New FB smart lists
  • Vibrating alerts
  • Smoother
  • Lots of UI tweaking
  • Messaging
  • Bug fixes


Cherry Blossom by Sabyasachi Sarkar

Cherry Blossom by Sabyasachi Sarkar is a cool new theme with Symbian Anna icons complete with icons for third party apps and 100% vector.

Features are

  • 100% vector no png or jpeg elemets used.
  • Pressed state highlights.
  • Works in portrait and landscape modes without loss of quality.
  • New analog clock,new wait graphics,new high resolution volume indicator.
  • For S60 5th edition phones only.
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic,Nokia 5530 XpressMusic,
  • Nokia 5230,Nokia 5233,Nokia N97,Nokia N97 mini,Nokia X6,Nokia C6.
  • Total Size 2.4 MB(including ringtone 500 kb).
  • Symbian Anna icons.Over 100 third party icons are added.
  • Special thanks to Samy Mar Boy Tonny for third party icons.
Download the theme from here

Get N9/Symbian Belle/Anna all in one wallpaper pack

Symbian World has compiled a collection of Nokia N9,Symbian Belle and Anna wallpapers.

Download the pack from Symbian World

Friday, October 7, 2011

Official CNN app now available on Nokia Store

The updated version 1.3 of the official CNN app for Nokia is now available for s60v5 devices on Nokia Store.The changes include support for On demand video,better breaking news and bug fixes.

The CNN live features is not yet working or i couldn't find an option for that. I would recommend this as a must have app,the developers have done great job and shows how a great qt app should be like.