Thursday, June 25, 2009

Global production at Toyota factories fell in May to 38.8 percent

Toyota Prius 2007

Global production at factories in the world's largest automotive company Toyota Motor Corp. in May 2009 decreased by 38.8 percent compared to the situation a year ago. The volume of production it falls now in its tenth month in succession, said the report was circulated today, the corporation.

In May, sales at avtogiganta fell worldwide by 28 percent, and within Japan itself - only for 23,1 percent. This is due to strong demand in the country for a new model of hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle Prius. Only one month it was 180 thousand jobs.

The report notes that, in a generally unfavorable market conditions have some signs of improvement in the market. Within Japan it is connected, in particular, with the subsidies that the government started to issue citizens buying cars with high fuel economy type Prius

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hybrid Toyota Supra will be on the move in 2011

Toyota Supra white

Certainly one of the most popular models ever developed by a Japanese car, a Toyota Supra. But, despite the fact that officially Supra ceased production in 2002, it enjoyed great popularity until now.

In turn, the Toyota will never forget the loved many sports car and going into next year to release a hybrid version of Supra and sell it as model 2011.

It is clear that this is still rumor and no technical details about the new items yet. However, as it became known portal 4, Toyota Supra will be based on a hybrid FT-HS Sports, which was first shown in 2007, the engine for the model can be derived from the Lexus 450h, and it is 3.5 liters. V-6 and is connected to a hybrid system, Toyota Crown, so that power can achieve Toyota Supra 400 HP

However, the sports car will not be �fully green�, because Toyota is planning to create more sporting version of Supra, which is possible without the cost of hybrid systems. There is information that a prototype of a future business model will be shown in this year's motor show in Tokyo.

Hybrid FT-HS Sports was originally created as a separate model, and was to appear this year, but �thanks� economic situation, Toyota has decided to curtail the project until better times.

All fans are, a sort of anticipation, or at least hint from Toyota, that really is scheduled to release of a new Supra.

Toyota Supra white

New Toyota Mark X in October

Toyota Mark X black

New Toyota Mark X in October

In October at the Tokyo MOTORSHOW expected to premiere a new generation Sedan Toyota Mark X.

Previously, went the rumors that Mark X may get turbocharged engine, but the Japanese magazine Holiday Auto refuted this information. According to recent data, sedan will be equipped with 2,5 - and 3,5-liter engine V6 (3,5-liter engine will replace the current 3.0-liter engine). Exterior design will be less aggressive, and the interior - more comfortable, high-tech and luxurious.

The new Mark X will be built on the platform of the current generation to produce a rear wheel drive versions, and Full power version. Expected that the sedan will be the global market, that is, its implementation will take place in many countries, not only in Japan and China.

Toyota Mark X

Toyota recall vehicles because of the labeling

Toyota logo
Company Toyota recall 1348 vehicles to fix an error in labeling. Under the recall of fall 2010 model year Tundra, Yaris 2009 model year, Tacoma, Sienna, RAV4, Highlander and the Scion xB and TC 2009 model year.

According to the NHTSA, an incorrect marking load carrying capacity can lead to overloading the vehicle and increase the risk of accident, writes Japancar. Each car will receive a special sticker with the correct data.

On some machines (there are less than 50), correct markings can not be, because after the installation of additional equipment the weight of the car changed. Service campaign starts in late June.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cialis growth graph moves upwards

There are 30 million cases of ED in Europe and more than half of men over 40 suffer from around the world, only 10 to 15 percent of them seek treatment. More men have begun to consult with doctors, especially since ED is treatable at any time. There is also a high prevalence of ED in collaboration morbid medical conditions and risk factors such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, dyslipidemia and depression.

ED market grew 3.5% from 2004 to 2005. This growth was entirely due to the sale of three brands - Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Experts believe that the inhibitors of PDE-5 will remain the primary treatment of ED as the three Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have excellent efficacy and safety profile.

Cialis has shown incredible growth in the overthrow of the market share in the long dominance of Viagra in several markets including the U.S.. Cialis has been selling more than expected this year. Cialis sales touched a record sale of $ 955 million to $ 965 million worldwide by 2006. This figure is much higher than estimated sales of $ 920 million to $ 950 million.

In the U.S., the market share of total prescriptions of Cialis reached 26.1% in June 2006, an increase of 2.8 percentage points from June 2005. Across Europe, Canada and Mexico, Cialis captured 34.4% of the overall market share in May 2006, an increase of 3.5 percentage points from May 2005. For the second quarter of 2006, the U.S. ED market grew 3.3%, compared to second quarter 2005.

The ED market still has room for new entries even though the market is dominated by Viagra and Cialis. Developing treatments for niche patients can provide an opportunity for new ED drugs. This could be diabetes related ED or prostatectomy patients or ED due to cardiovascular disease. This chronic treatment of ED may require once-daily dosing and hence provides companies to explore more avenues.

ICOS has submitted a new drug application to the Food and Drug Administration for a lower dose, once-daily formulation of Cialis for impotence, which could allow a man who is always ready for sex. The drug is also being tested in patients with enlarged prostates, and in pulmonary arterial hypertension.

In its press release ICOS officials said, "We are very excited about the potential for once daily Cialis for the Treatment of ED." "The ED medical experts we've consulted are excited about the possibility of Cialis once a day, could provide a good alternative for men with ED who takes a PDE5 inhibitor more frequently than average. In the market investigation , patients with ED have expressed interest in the possibility of treating this chronic disease with a tablet once a day. "

Cialis was well tolerated and the most frequently reported side effects with Cialis are headache, upset stomach, nasal congestion, back pain, muscle aches, dizziness and flushing. Adverse events reported with Cialis were transient and generally mild or moderate. As with other PDE5 inhibitors, the use of Cialis is contraindicated in patients taking nitrates or those with heart disease for whom sexual activity is not advisable. The use of a specific type of alpha blocker alpha (1) blockers such as doxazosin is not recommended because of the possibility of reducing blood pressure to dangerous levels in some men.

It is very easy to buy online or Cialis Cialis Online Pharmacy, Cialis should not be used without medical prescription. Cialis is a prescription drug and a thorough review is required before you can take Cialis. A number of pharmacies discount Cialis cheap online can cost much less than Cialis Cialis is available in pharmacies, Cialis is a prescription drug and should not be taken without medical prescription. These drugs have serious side effects and should be taken only after a one to one interaction with the physician.