Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ciales Levitra vs Viagra vs � Which is better?

Since 1998, Viagra has dominated the erectile dysfunction. But with the recent release of two commercial and Levitra, men are left with the question of what to use. Although the three have proven very effective, there are specific characteristics for each medication you find in May after your needs better.

The three drugs are in a class of medications called inhibitors of PDE-5. All have been tested to operate at 70% of all men of all types of erectile dysfunction. Required to activate sexual stimulation.

Viagra, the first three to be introduced on the market is said to be the fastest time, only 14 minutes to be absorbed by the body if taken on an empty stomach. Although Viagra is the fastest time, its most important is his back because of the reduced absorption of food taken. It takes about 30 minutes of the drug to reach its maximum affect, but lost 50% of its maximum effect every 4 hours. Side effects May include mild headaches, upset stomach, unusually bright vision, and flushing.

The second drug to be released on the market was Levitra. Levitra is a slightly different chemical compound that was found to be more effective in hard to treat. Levitra takes around 45 minutes to affect and unlike Viagra, eating and drinking do not affect the effectiveness except for fatty substances. Levitra is thought to have more power, efficiency and longer than Viagra. Levitra side effects: headache, flushing, and stuffy or runny nose.

The last to be free of drugs was Cialis. Cialis is approved for the duration of 36 hours, but some studies have shown that it is effective for a maximum of 100 hours, which the "weekend". Cialis absorption is not affected by any type of food, and peak results are two hours after consumption. Cialis has a half-life between 16 and 22 hours depending on age. Cialis Most Common Side Effects are headache, upset stomach, backache and muscular pains.

Cialis finally made two Viagra and Levitra in almost all major categories. Since all three medications cost the same and can be found in almost all pharmacies, Cialis hand wins the battle of inhibitors of PDE-5.